About GPVoice

General Practice is one of few medical specialty that don’t have a REAL voice from practising GPs. Yes, we have some college purporting to be the academic arm of general practice. Yes, they do put some work in formulating management guidelines but you sometimes wonder how they come to those guidelines. Then there are various “associations” claiming to represent us but the poor practising GPs are never heard.

GPVoice is that voice that allows us to reclaim our territory. We need to get ourselves organised, up-skilled, updated and heard. GPVoice is independently funded and independently run. We don’t have to pander to any governmental agendas or KPIs. We advocate for GP issues. We have a forum for GPs to discuss, learn and “whinge”. We are a fraternity. We are the VOICE of practising GPs.

Our editorial board consist of practising GPs collectively with >100 years of experience between us.