GP Research

Diabetes and Oral Health – it cuts both ways!

Patients with diabetes commonly have significant dysfunction of the immune system leading to chronic inflammation in many organ systems. It is not uncommon to see patients with T2D suffering from oral and periodontal disease which has been shown to worsen the diabetes disease. What is less known but shown in many studies is that periodontal disease is associated with development of diabetes.
Researchers from Western Sydney University, Western Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts, Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and NSW Centre for Oral Health Strategy are conducting a research study to develop a diabetes oral health program. This program will include educating diabetes care providers to provide oral health education, assessment and referral to people with diabetes.

Integrative Medicine Research

Dr Carolyn Ee, a trained GP from Western Sydney University  are especially interested to know how to create a service that is safe and seek our views on appropriate medical oversight, referral and intake pathways.  This research provides a unique opportunity to engage with local GPs so that the model of care is better able to meet service requirements of clinicians and patients and ensure delivery of a quality and safe IM service that has potential to improve patient outcomes in Greater Western Sydney. The study is closing very soon.

Treatment of Booking Gestational Diabetes Study (TOBOGM)

As part of an NHMRC multi-centred funded study, South west Sydney is undertaking a study to see if treatment is really needed in women with mild hyperglycaemia in early pregnancy. If you have a woman who is at high risk of developing GDM during her pregnancy and she is < 20 weeks gestation, please don’t organise an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). They may qualify for the trial. Refer them immediately to Campbelltown Antenatal Clinic for booking and potential recruitment.