Another successful injectable workshop – DOMTRU at your service!

13th December 2018, Dr Chee L Khoo

Three weeks ago, 25 of our GP and allied health professional (AHP) colleagues sacrificed their valuable Saturday and became engaged in a highly interactive session exploring the use of injectables in the management of our patients with type 2 diabetes. Evaluation, comments and suggestions from the participants have just been collated and here at the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Translational Research Unit (DOMTRU) we are just absolutely delighted about the results.

All up there were 25 attendees but we only had 17 who contributed to the evaluation (12 GPs, 2 practice nurse, 1 pharmacist and 2 hospital based doctors). Before the workshop, 6 were confident in initiating, titrating and intensifying injectables. After the workshop, 16 were confident. Before the workshop, when a patient returns from the endocrinologist, 9 were confident in adjusting the insulin doses and 5 would wait for the endocrinologist to adjust doses. After the workshop, 16 indicated that they were confident to adjust the insulin doses and NONE will wait for the endocrinologist to adjust the doses.

Prior to the workshop, 9 have heard about diabetes case conferencing and none had organised or participated in any. After the workshop, 16 were now aware of case conferences and all of them indicated that they intend to organise and participate in diabetes case conferencing.

Amongst the 17 attendees that participated in the post workshop evaluation, all thought that the topics of the workshop were relevant to their practice. 16 thought the workshop topics were clear and concise, 11 thought the workshop was interactive and 12 thought it was practical. None thought that there was too much theory.

All participants that contributed to the evaluation felt that the workshop had increased their confidence in using injectables. They all would recommend the workshop to their colleagues. They also indicated that they would like to attend another similar workshop.

There were a few suggestions to make the workshop better for next year. We have taken the suggestions on board in our planning for the next workshop.

For those who were unable to attend the workshop, the slides of the workshop is available here.

Oh, three attendees won prizes in the AUS-CDEP quiz. The prize was for $100 for purchase of medical equipment.