Invasive ductal carcinoma – a case study

27th June 2021, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), which is also known as infiltrating ductal carcinoma, is the most common type of breast cancer. Although invasive ductal carcinoma can affect women at any age, it is more common as women grow older and can also affect men.

A 29-year-old female presented with a palpable lump in the left breast.…

Paediatric Radiology – is it that simple?

30th May 2021, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Children are not little adults. Paediatric imaging can be challenging in two ways: 1) The whole process can be particularly daunting to the child and requires understanding, support and patience from the staff at the imaging centre 2) The expertise and experience in interpreting the images cannot be taken for granted. It requires the skills of radiographers and radiologists who are both experienced and have special interests in the field.…

Knee MRI – how reliable is it?

27th April, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Acute knee pain is a pretty common presentation in general practice. In experienced hands, a thorough physical examination can narrow the differential diagnosis to a few common injuries. Often we have to resort to an MRI to confirm our suspicion. How reliable is the MRI diagnosis?

In a novel study to evaluate the reproducibility, repeatability, and agreement of MRI evaluation with the gross pathology examination at operation, in 23 patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty, MRIs were performed just before the surgery (1).…

Image guided injections – who gets what where and how?

30th March 2021, Spectrum Medical Imaging

image guided injections

We know that interventional radiologist can inject into practically anyway these days but sometimes it’s helpful to know what injections are for what conditions. Some injections are targeted at joints or near joints while others are injected into soft tissues like tendons or bursas. Sometimes we need ultrasound to guide the injections to the right place while other times, a CT scan required because we have bones in the way.…

In interventional radiology, sometimes you block vessels, other times you unblock them.

27th December, 2020, Spectrum Radiology

Interventional radiology

This month Dr Yehia El Hgar from Spectrum Interventional Radiology discuss two interesting cases: one a 39-year-old female with constant heaviness in the pelvis associated with urinary frequency and severe disabling menorrhagia and the other a 29-year-old female with a past history of left lower limb DVT and underwent a left iliac vein thrombectomy and venoplasty.…

Taking the hassles out of workers comp referrals

28th November 2020, Spectrum Radiology

paperwork galore

Don’t we hate it? Paperwork, approvals, waiting for more forms, more tick boxes, scan and fax and more waiting. That is what happens frequently with workers comp cases when patients need more investigations. What if you can get someone else to do it? Someone else other than you practice staff.

You now have a choice.…

Ultrasound School of Excellence

25th October 2020, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Spectrum Medical Imaging

Spectrum Medical Imaging in Liverpool is proud to announce the opening of the Ultrasound School of Excellence. Spectrum is committed to further educate and up-skill their team of sonographers to ensure that they are providing you and your patients with the highest quality ultrasound imaging and the most accurate results. The Ultrasound School of Excellence provides their sonographers with the opportunity to receive one-on-one training with senior sonographer Khai Tran.

If your patient need interventional procedures, go to an expert

interventional procedures

29th September 2020, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Do your patients need Interventional procedures performed?
Interventional Radiology provides patients with access to a vast array of treatment options that do not require surgery. This is a rapidly expanding speciality which grows with every incremental advance in medical imaging technology. Spectrum provides Interventional Radiology services across Sydney in both Private and Public settings.…

Ultrasound at Spectrum – reduced waiting time

Spectrum Medical Imaging, 23rd August 2020

Spectrum Medical Imaging Liverpool is proud to announce the opening of 2 additional ultrasound rooms in our practice at 171 Bigge Street. This increased capacity will reduce waiting times for elective scans.

Spectrum is pleased to announce the installation of the latest Voluson™ ultrasound machine. The Voluson™ is a dedicated Obstetrics & Gynaecology machine which aids in problem solving complex cases using ground-breaking technology including unique foetal heart tools and using specialised ultrasound probes.…

The Revolution Apex™ CT Scanner – best image quality for EVERY patient

27th July 2020, Spectrum Radiology

one beat cardiac scan

General Electric (GE) set the standard for low-dose imaging back in 2008 with an iterative reconstruction technology capable of lowering dose by 50 percent. While that benchmark continues to change, GE introduced Deep Learning Image Reconstruction, a system which uses artificial intelligence to combine the low dose of iterative reconstruction with a “classic-looking” image texture of filtered back projection.…

Abbreviated breast MRI – how useful is it?

8th July 2020, Spectrum Radiology

Adjunct screening with dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE)-MRI was first recommended for women at high (>20%) lifetime risk of breast cancer, facilitating earlier cancer detection and reducing interval cancers. Even in women at average risk of breast cancer, there is evidence that they might also benefit from screening MRI.

Apart from the cost of MRI equipment, other costs include the relatively long acquisition, limiting high-volume patient throughput and interpretation times involved in a full diagnostic protocol.…

Medical Imaging eReferral – completing the loop in Telehealth

21st May 2020, Spectrum Medical Imaging

As many of you are consulting from home using Telehealth due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be occasions when there is a need for referral for medical imaging. It can be a hassle trying to print xray forms, scan them to email or to fax them to your favourite medical imaging provider. Spectrum Medical Imaging have streamlined the whole process to make life easy for all of us.…