Spectrum is now in Miranda

27th December, 2023 Spectrum Medical Imaging

Now in Miranda

When you are used to a certain standard of reporting, you don’t really trust anyone else with your radiology referrals. Many of our patients don’t just live or work in South West Sydney. They may live here but work in the shire. Now Spectrum Medical Imaging is in Miranda. How convenient for patients.…

Foot injuries – is that a Lisfranc injury?

Foot injury

30th November, Spectrum Medical Imaging

The midfoot consist of 5 bones, cuboid, navicular and three cuneiform bones. These bones articulate with the base of the five metatarsals. In the Lisfranc injuries, it is these articulations (and their ligamemts) that are damage. Sometimes, there are fractures easily seen on plain xrays. Sometimes, one can see separation of the bones on plain xrays.…

High Resolution Chest CT

2nd November 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging


There is still many cases of Covid-19 infection sprouting here and there. We are now seeing patients with ongoing cough and we sometimes suspect long Covid amongst them. A high resolution CT (HRCT) of the chest is a CT technique in which thin-slice images of the chest are obtained and post-processed in a high-spatial-frequency reconstruction algorithm.…

Wrist fracture – a cautionary tale

30th August 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging

wrist injury

68yo female patient sustained a fall on an outstretched hand. Plain x-rays revealed a closed fracture to the right distal radius and ulna. This was reduced by the orthopaedic surgeon and held in a forearm plaster of Paris. Post op x-rays showed satisfactory alignment and she was discharged to see her GP with follow up with the orthopaedic team at a later date.…

e-Referrals for radiology – how does it work?

28th July 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging


I couldn’t never work out the work flow of electronic referrals (e-referrals) for patients whom I refer for imaging. We are so used to having a piece of paper in our hand to make an appointment. You will be surprised how many patients look at you wondering what to do with that piece of paper.…

Obstetric Imaging – what scans/tests can you order?

29th June 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging

At Spectrum Medical Imaging, we are pleased to offer your patients a wide range of obstetric imaging options throughout all stages of their pregnancy. We are committed to providing you with high quality services at affordable prices. All of our sonographers who perform Nuchal Translucency scans are certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation and all of our reporting Radiologists have a special interest in obstetric ultrasound.…

Knee MRI – the best investigation to elucidate the diagnosis

30th May, 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries we see in general practice. We always start with history to determine the mechanism of injury. Examination is not always straight forward especially, if there is severe pain and restriction of movement. MRI is an excellent tool for demonstrating injuries of the internal soft tissue structures in the joints.…

Morton’s Neuroma – A case study

30th April, Spectrum Medical Imaging

All medical students will remember Morton’s neuroma but they never tell us what to do after you suspect the foot symptoms are suggestive of Morton’s neuroma. It also known as inter-metatarsal neuroma. It is a focal area of perineural fibrosis around plantar digital nerves of the foot. It is thought to be due to chronic entrapment of the nerve by the inter-metatarsal ligament and can be a cause of metatarsalgia.…

High Resolution CT Chest – when to order one

30th March 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging


We are used to ordering chest CT when we suspect an inflammatory or infective condition in the lungs. Sometimes, we need more information than that. A HRCT CHEST is a CT technique in which thin-slice images of the chest are obtained and post-processed in a high-spatial-frequency reconstruction algorithm. When do you order a HRCT of the chest and when do you order an ordinary CT of the chest?…

Uterine fibroids – another treatment option

Spectrum Medical Imaging, 28th February 2023

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) tumours of the
uterus. They are clinically apparent in up to 25% of women
and, with newer imaging techniques, the true clinical
prevalence may be higher (up to 77% ). Although most do
not cause symptoms, uterine fibroids can cause severe
problems for some women who have the condition.…

Different breasts, different densities hence, different screening techniques

29th January 2023, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Breasts not only come in different sizes and shapes but have different composition and densities. The breast density also changes with age, body composition and genetic factors. 50% of women in the US have dense breasts and dense breast tissue can camouflage early breast cancer. Yet, we only have standardised mammography and screening schedules. The Volpara is an AI software platform that provides an individualised risk assessment and screening recommendations based on the composition of the breast of the woman.…

Coronary artery calcium score – who do you trust?

29th December 2022, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Last week we explored coronary artery calcium score and looked at how the score is really more than a score. There is a lot more details than just a number in the report. Spectrum also has a team of subspecialist Cardiac Radiologists and Cardiologists who are trained in cardiovascular imaging interpretation. The report has details that allows us to proceed to the next stage of the cardiovascular risk assessment.…