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interventional procedures

29th September 2020, Spectrum Medical Imaging

Do your patients need Interventional procedures performed?
Interventional Radiology provides patients with access to a vast array of treatment options that do not require surgery. This is a rapidly expanding speciality which grows with every incremental advance in medical imaging technology. Spectrum provides Interventional Radiology services across Sydney in both Private and Public settings.…

Hypoglycaemia in non-diabetics – is it a problem?


27th September 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

We know that hyperglycaemia is associated with increased cardiovascular mortality. We also know that in patients with diabetes, hypoglycaemia is also associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. What about patients who don’t have diabetes and have low blood glucose (<4.0 mmol/L)? I am sure we all have patients who do not have diabetes but on screening blood tests, have BSL lower than 4.0 mmol/L.…

Nasal saline wash – can it wash away Covid-19?

24th September 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

nasal saline wash

Since Covid-19 pandemic started 6-7 months ago, there have been a deluge of reports coming out in the medical and lay press and sometimes it is hard to keep track of what is real and what is just logical. Because Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory pathogen, infection begins in the nasal and nasopharyngeal mucosa with high viral load especially at the beginning of the infection.…

GDM Screening – Can HbA1c replace OGTT during the pandemic?

14th September 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

We have many patients who have borderline high fasting glucose in their routine check-up. In non-pregnant adults, we have been able to use HbA1c as a generic screening test for type 2 diabetes (T2D) for some time. Unfortunately, neither non-diabetic fasting glucose readings nor HbA1c totally exclude the presence of diabetes. I am sure you have come across patients with non-diabetic fasting glucose and HbA1c but yet fail their oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).…

“Less glucocentric diabetes management” – what does that mean to you?

14th September 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

“Less glucocentric?”

Over the last decade, there has been a push for a less glucocentric management of diabetes. For some, less glucocentric means accepting poorer glycaemic control in our patients with diabetes. It was meant to direct us to not be fixated on managing glucose control without looking at other aspects of the diabetes complications.…

GDM screening – who, when and how?

14th September 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

Tell me this is not, broadly, what you have in mind when you think about gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). We know that hyperglycaemia and pregnancy does not mix well. GDM is not quite full-blown diabetes in pregnancy but is nonetheless, associated with risks for the mother and infant and with long-term metabolic consequences in both mother and child.…

Do you know this giant lurking in SWS?

27th August 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

I first met him in December 2014 just before he started work at Western Sydney University in 2015. For someone who has just arrived in south west Sydney, I was most impressed to see how well he grasped the problems we have with the quality of care in patients with diabetes in our area.…

Acne – are dietary factors relevant?

25th August 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

diet and acne

Moderately severe to severe acne can have significant psychological harm associated with low self-esteem, poor perception of one’s body, social isolation, and depressive symptoms. Patients often believe that consumption of various food contribute to their acne development and severity. Although chocolate, fatty foods, and milk are frequently thought to be responsible is there any evidence on the role of nutrition in acne?…

Ultrasound at Spectrum – reduced waiting time

Spectrum Medical Imaging, 23rd August 2020

Spectrum Medical Imaging Liverpool is proud to announce the opening of 2 additional ultrasound rooms in our practice at 171 Bigge Street. This increased capacity will reduce waiting times for elective scans.

Spectrum is pleased to announce the installation of the latest Voluson™ ultrasound machine. The Voluson™ is a dedicated Obstetrics & Gynaecology machine which aids in problem solving complex cases using ground-breaking technology including unique foetal heart tools and using specialised ultrasound probes.…

Anti-depressants in pregnancy – which agent is less bad?

14th August 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

Most women would prefer not to take any medications during the pregnancy for fear of any potential teratogenic effects on the foetus. However, for some women, the use of anti-depressants is necessary. Managing these mental disorders during pregnancy and the post-partum period can be challenging (1-2) but effective management can maintain maternal and infant health (3), improve maternal prenatal health care practices (4) and improve maternal-infant attachment (5).…

Refining cardiovascular risk stratification – can troponin help?

13th August 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

We all know the usefulness of highly sensitive troponin (hsTn) in diagnosing acute myocardial infarction in daily practice. hsTn has also been demonstrated to be strongly associated with recurrent events in patients with stable atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) (1-7). However, hsTn is not routinely used in clinical practice in this population of patients.…

New RACGP Diabetes Management Guidelines – what’s new?

8th August 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo

Keeping up-to-date?

Two years is an awfully long time in diabetes management updates. Well, that’s exactly how long it has been since the last RACGP diabetes management guidelines was last updated. There have been a deluge of data pouring in to help guide us in our management of patients with type 2 diabetes. The “handbook” is actually looking more like an encyclopaedia now with 198 pages of information.…