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At least 3 other reasons why you should use GLP1-RAs early in diabetes management

13th July 2019, Dr Chee L Khoo

New anti-diabetic agents are coming thick and fast. It is easy to get confused as to which agent to use. For injectables, there are currently at least a dozen different insulin preparations and 5 GLP1 -Receptor Analogues (GLP1-RAs) available in Australia. Some are on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), some not. It is easy to put them all in the too hard basket.…

Multi-disciplinary care of T2D – does it work in primary care?

April 2018, Dr Chee L Khoo

Multi-disciplinary care (MDC) is often hailed as THE comprehensive management for patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). We refer these patients to podiatrists, exercise physios, dietitians, diabetes educators and sometimes, endocrinologists. Now, that is MDC, isn’t it? We are part of the MDC team. Do we see the benefit that is often hailed from MDC?…

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