Pain Management – getting straight to the point

Spectrum Medical Imaging, Liverpool

Different surgical procedures are used to treat patients who do not improve with non-operative therapies. Rapid deterioration is uncommon and symptoms often wax and wane or gradually improve. Surgery is almost always elective and considered only if sufficiently bothersome symptoms persist despite trials of less invasive interventions. Outcomes (leg pain and disability) seem to be better for surgery than for non-operative treatment, but the evidence is heterogeneous and often of limited quality. So, we are left with more conservative treatment modalities. The most common interventions involve injecting very small amounts of high concentration cortisone, either via ultrasound or by CT guidance, into and around damaged areas where pain is generated, such as in the spine, joints and tendons.

Spectrum Medical Imaging was recently featured in the Sun-Herald when they described the various modalities they can offer our patients not just for lumbo-sacral pathologies but also for patients following spinal vertebral fractures.