The complexity of managing T2D – a GP’s perspective

13th November 2019, Drs Chee Khoo & Sobhy Khalil

We have a contribution from our GP colleague this week. Dr Sobhy Hakeem KHALIL who thoroughly studied the ADA/EASD Management of Hyperglycaemia In Type 2 Diabetes, 2018 Consensus Report and provided his take on the guidelines. I have added my comments to his take (in blue):

  1. They emphasised the importance of life style changes such as weight reduction, physical activities (aerobic and high resistance activities) and smoking cessation.

A patient with complex, advanced stage type 2 diabetes – where do we start?

14th September 2019. Dr Chee L Khoo

We all have patients similar to this presenting to the practice not that infrequently. This is a real case that I came across just recently. Joanne was referred to the practice by a friend of a friend. She had just been discharged from the local hospital after three weeks following amputation of the lateral two toes of her right foot.

DOMTRU GP Diabetes Injectable Workshop Masterclass 2019

It’s here again. The DOMTRU GP Diabetes Injectable Workshop Masterclass will be held at Mercure Hotel, Liverpool on Sunday 10th November with a totally new agenda. Over the last 12 months we have presented numerous articles detailing the multiple trials and guidelines surrounding the usage of the new GLP1-Ras and insulins. There are now 5 different GLP1-Ras in Australia all with their different pharmacokinetics, cardiovascular outcome data and PBS listings.…

Stopping statins in the “elderly” – are you sure?

12th August 2019, Dr Chee L Khoo

We are often reminded to review statins prescriptions for primary prevention in the “elderly” because the evidence of benefit of statins in this group of patients is often “lacking”. Lacking doesn’t mean it there is no benefit. It may mean there are no or limited studies done in that age group.…

Insurance Claims Made Easy (with help from some friends)

Don’t we all hate the paperwork and the hassle of insurance claims – workers compensation, CTP or similar. And to have to chase after the unpaid invoices months after the case have closed. Since, January this year (I think), there have been some positive changes to the whole NSW Workcover system. Is it just me? I don’t recall being notified about the changes.…

“Health, performance and conduct concerns among older doctors” – A set up in progress?

April 15, 2018,  Dr Chee L Khoo

If it was a headline conclusion in any other medical publication, we would be combing the study looking for holes, validity, statistical significance and clinical relevance. We would be checking that the conclusions drawn were correct and valid conclusions that arose from the data. But when it was the Medical Board which released the headline, most of us, kind of, accepted the conclusions of the study without questions.…

How to get lounge access when flying economy

March 2018, Dr Chee L Khoo

If you earn more than $76,000 per annum and you would like lounge access when flying economy overseas on the cheap, read on. I don’t know about you but I can only afford economy class when flying overseas. I can’t really justify spending 4 times the economy fare to be pampered. Really, I just need lounge access.…

To err is human… actually, it’s now manslaughter!

February 2018, Dr Chee L Khoo

I am sure you have read about Dr Bawa-Garba who was “thrown under the bus” by the system for her treatment of a 6 year old child with Down’s syndrome who died of sepsis while being treated in hospital. . There have been many discussions in UK and internationally about the ramifications of the court and tribunal’s decisions  but what can GPs in Australia learn from this case?…